WILD Voices

These are the stories of young people experiencing the front lines of environmental change-making

A voice is the most powerful tool a young person has to stand up for what they believe in, to bring notice to how they feel, and to advocate for what they want to see happen.

They are the every day disrupters who have visions for a better future, and the ambition to make it happen.
They are relentless in their quests and in their optimism.
These stories are told by them – how they see it.

Why We Need Events Like Stockholm+50

Members of CoalitionWILD attended Stockholm+50, including Diana Garlytska. Here, she tells us about her experience and shares why events like Stockholm+50 matters.

By Cidee Despi

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Nature-based Solutions: Opportunities and Risks

Nature-based Solutions (NbS) was introduced in the late 2000s, primarily by international organizations such as the IUCN and the World Bank. Its definitions have evolved since then but at its core remain the question: how can we solve human problems using nature?

By Cidee Despi

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The time to act was yesterday

Community Organizer Yen Parico closed the 2021 Global Landscape Forum speaking on behalf of youth globally. The time to act was yesterday, said Yen. The time to act was 30 years ago. Today is the day to be and do different.

By Yen Parico

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2021 IUCN Congress Recap

The 2021 IUCN World Conservation Congress brings together thousand of voices over one week to map out the future for nature and biodiversity. Diana Garlytska recaps her experience as a leading youth voice at the #IUCNCongess.

By Diana Garlytska

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Amihan sa Dahican - Save our Seas

A group in south-eastern Philippines is committed to help conserving marine wildlife species for future generations by combining their love of surfing with marine conservation.

By Ceci Fischer

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Once Upon A Time There Was Life On Earth

Good storytelling is allowing us to use the potentials of cultural diversity to protect biological diversity.

By Merlin Pratsch

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Youth United for the Earth

Youth United for the Earth (YUFE) aims to show the diversity of the Malaysian environmental scene by encouraging the participation of young Malaysians in environmental action.

By Nurfatin Hamzah

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Fires in the Amazon and DRC

Rafaela Sheiffer (Brazil) and Yannick Mutambo (DR Congo) share their local view on the fires in their regions.

By Elliot Connor

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Feet On The Ground, Head In The Stars

Combining holistic skills and co-creative practices, Jornada de Aprendizagem em Água e Clima no Algarve is asking the right questions to drive collective transformation.

By Rafaela Graça Scheiffer

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The Big Picture

How can plant material waste be used as an energy source to reduce deforestation and good health? This is an example from Nigeria on how to make change happen.

By Emmanuel Ogwuche

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Hudson Valley Wild

What does it take for a youth activitist to champion youth action for biodiversity and nature-based climate solutions, and where is it leading the planet?

By Scout Pronto Breslin

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Making A Change

Being named a Young Champion of the Earth is just the beginning of the journey in growing your project and yourself.

By Liliana Jaramillo

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Time To Take Climate Action Seriously

A global effort is imperative in order to create communities resilient to the impending effects of climate change.

By Oluwaseyi Ajala

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3 Money-Free Ways To Donate

There are lots of ways to support organisations and efforts you care about without donating money.

By Elliot Connor

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Coral Farm for Reef Restoration Opens in the Bahamas

#YoungChamp Gator Halpern’s company Coral Vita is growing resilient corals to restore threatened reefs.

By Gator Halpern

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Lonely Conservationists

A new organization is saving the people who are saving the world, and making the space a lot less lonely.

By Jessie Panazzolo

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Endangered Species Protection Network (ESPN)

Trivia and happy hours are teaching young professionals about endangered species.

By Katie Taylor

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A Wild Good Time for Wild Places

Are outdoor recreationalists friends or foes of the environmental sector? The opportunity is worth exploring.

By Nat Knowles

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Plastic Problem to Opportunity

What happens to our unrecyclable plastic after we toss it? #YoungChamp Miranda Wang is in the lab finding the answer.

By Miranda Wang

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Save The Snakes

Fear and misunderstanding is leading to snake species decimation worldwide. Community education can help.

By Michael Starkey

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5 Lessons From Changing The World

5 lessons from global change-makers to get you through the challenges you’ll face when changing the world.

By Elliot Connor

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Fighting Climate Change through Community Activism

Kenyan youth are mobilizing to protect the planet and combat climate change.

By Kevin Lunzalu

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Improving Livelihoods by Embracing Regeneration

Regenerative agriculture can protect cultural heritage, livelihoods, and land.

By Maga Guanilo

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International Perspective

A generation of new ambition is staring at their future and are grappling with what to do next and where to start.

By Crista Valentino

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A Call For Geoconservation in the Democratic Republic of Congo

The “Kivu Geoheritage Project” focuses on the inventory and promotion of sites with remarkable heritage assets for conservation and tourism development in the Kivu region (DRC).


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Why Environmentalists Aren’t Going To Save The Planet

An eye-opening arcticle that we can change the world regardless of our profession. Find your passion – and be a change-maker.

Crista Valentino

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Words On Nature

Florilegium is both a collection of flowers and a collection of quotes. Emily Seccombe is tying these together at libraries across the United Kingdom.

By Emily Seccombe

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Inspiring Nigerian Youth

In order for Nigeria to become more resilient to climate change, youth must be involved.

By Elujulo Opeyemi

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My @Green.Story

Turning an idea you’re passionate about into a successful reality sometimes requires changes you weren’t expecting.

By Diana Garlystka

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How Nature Changed My Life

Ollie Riley-Smith went from an overwhelmed and anxiety-ridden teen to a conservation activist thanks to nature and connection.

By Ollie Riley-Smith

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A Big Passion for a Big Species

What do you do when the survival of a species depends on both the love for it and knowledge of it, but it’s too illusive to track?

By Stella Diamant

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Voices from the Forest

How long will we let the ambition of development destroy our home, our planet, and our people? A Peruvian biologist and activist is helping to tell the socio-environmental conflict of an illegal road construction between two protected areas.

By Juriko Rupay

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