Terms & Conditions

Please review these terms and conditions for posting comments on our website.

1. No Self-Promotion

“Self-promotion” is an attempt to redirect traffic from this website to your personal blog, Youtube channel, Disqus channel, etc. Self-promotion will not be allowed, with two exceptions:

(a). “Tutorials” and Feedback: We want to encourage people to share their knowledge, so if you would like to post a kind of “tutorial” discussion or series of discussions about the development process, then it only makes sense to include a link to your final product. Likewise, if you are looking for community assistance and feedback, then again you are permitted to share a link to your work as long as you clearly request the community’s opinions and feedback in your OP (original post).

(b). Mod Permission: If you are a friend of the channel, and any moderator has given you permission to promote your content, then you are welcome to do so.

2. Choose Your Curse Words Wisely.

Please be aware that comments on this website are automatically filtered for profanity. We generally do not have an issue with curse words, however, if a comment is caught in the filter it will need to be freed by a moderator before it will appear in the comments section. Profanity used to insult, antagonize, or inflame will be deleted.

3. Don’t Be a Jerk.

Personal attacks, insults with hostile intent, stalking, harassment, slander, and using offensive speech will not be tolerated. Discussions and comments with the sole purpose of antagonizing or provoking will be removed. Sexist, racist, misogynist, homophobic, and broad, offensive generalizations about groups of people are simply not allowed. This is a community intended to be friendly and open. We simply ask that you be respectful of each other and remain mindful of your audience when making jokes.

4. Provide Sources For Content That is Not Your Own.

Please provide sources for content that is not your own. If you are posting a news article under “The Hub,” or if you are referencing another article or discussion in your OP, provide a link to your source. Links to illegal downloads or content are prohibited.

5. No Spam.

“Spam” is the posting of unsolicited messages, generally advertising a product or service. “Spam” can also be repetitive posting that is meant to be disruptive. Either form of spam is prohibited. Please note that accounts that post advertising spam will be banned without warning.

6. No Sexual Content.

Please remember that many of our channel users may be younger, so as a general rule of thumb, try to keep it “PG-13.”

7. Content of Discussions and Duplicate Discussions.

(a). Content: Discussions need to provide content and talking points. Have a topic in mind that will spark a conversation, provide your opinion on a subject, and/or present questions for the community to respond to. “Lazy” discussions are frowned upon. If you are uncertain what is allowed and what isn’t, participate in the community before starting a discussion of your own. The mods reserve the right to close discussions that lack content.

(b). Duplicate Discussions: Please take a second to glance at the recent discussions before starting a new OP. If someone has already posted the same discussion within the last few days, the mods reserve the right to close duplicates.


1. Warnings, Deletions, and Bans.

Generally, you can expect a warning, and a moderator will request that you review the channel rules before any moderation action is taken. Moderation action may be taken at the mods’ discretion if a user persists in violating the channel rules after a warning is given. This may include deletion of comments. Users who continuously violate the channel rules or purposely disrupt the community may be banned from the channel.

2. Appealing Bans.

If you have been banned by a mod, you can request for the ban to be lifted by contacting the channel owner via email at bans@benevolent.tech or by contacting any of the moderators of this website. This is the only form of appeal that will be considered. Discussions started on other channels will not be considered as a request to have your ban lifted. Please be aware that all appeals will be discussed by the entire moderation team before a decision is made.


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