Song Thrush Productions

Using film to highlight a range of global environmental issues and reconnect people with the natural world.

Abbie Barnes

Age 20, United Kingdom

PROJECT: Using film to highlight a range of global environmental issues and reconnect people with the natural world.

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Tell us about the work you are doing to create a wilder world.
Since the age of 15, I have been using film to bring clear conservation messages to the world, recognizing that action on a personal level, when repeated, can bring worldwide change. I began my production career after learning about the emergence of damaging palm oil industries throughout Indonesia. From there, I set about creating a short film detailing the arguments surrounding the issue, and soon found myself speaking in the European Parliament after gaining recognition for the film. That was when I was 15, and I have since gone on to gain international acknowledgement for my work regarding environmental protection.

‘Song Thrush Productions’ was established in March 2012, beginning with short films and ID clips about local wildlife. More recently it has taken a turn towards encouraging conservation, and the films frequently highlight how our everyday actions can influence the environment around us.

While filming an entry to the EcoTales Film Competition 2013, a family beach clean-up turned into an incredible community event to clean up the coastline. The entry into competition became a feature on the communal enthusiasm and local initiative to clean the coastline. The three-minute entry about won the award and was presented by Sir David Attenborough. You can watch Abbie’s EcoTales submission here.

Since 2012 I have continued to further develop my production company, Song Thrush Productions, towards producing meaningful films that inspire people to get outside and reconnecting with nature for the benefit of mental and physical wellbeing, as well as environmental conservation.


What are some updates on your work?

– Free To Be WILD: I have developed FTBW as a platform for people to find space and inspiration to escape the monotony of everyday life and rediscover their WILD side. It is broken down into various sections; VentureWILD, SaveWILD, InnerWILD, WILDstories, and WILDfoods.
– National Trails Challenge: is an ongoing project to walk all of the UK’s designated long distance trails to document through film, photography and blogs, exactly what makes each route unique, whether it be geographical and geological marvels, archaeological wonders, unique culture, or wildlife. My aim is to install a curiosity in my viewers to don their walking boots and head out and explore these landscapes for themselves.
– Stay tuned for upcoming feature-length films: ‘100miles along the South Downs Way’; ‘Walking Britain’s Oldest Road – Exploring the Ridgeway National Trail’; ‘The Mountains Are Calling – Conquering Myself in the Atlas Mountains’


What are the areas where you need the most help in growing or expanding your project?

– Youtube and Facebook following. I would like to develop a long-term plan and goals using SMART techniques in order to generate conversation and an increased number of subscribers and followers.
– I would like help in growing Free To Be WILD. I have the long-term goals mapped out in my head but am unsure how to break this down into achievable goals.
– I would like to further develop Song Thrush Productions as a company so that I can support myself financially through my film/presenting/production work.


Abbie uses documentaries to highlight key conservation issues, stimulating the viewer using a personal, presenter-led approach and raw exposure to the topic.

Often we have little choice but to work against the environment, but I hope that we can all work towards a cleaner, safer and healthier natural world.

No matter how you prefer to watch wildlife, in person or on film, the message remains the same: we need to conserve nature and reduce our impact on the natural environment.