Environmental Film and Communications collective

Nicole Ellena and Erick Vigouroux

Age 30, Chile

PROJECT: Environmental Film and Communications collective




Tell us about the work you are doing to create a wilder world.
MVMT is an environmental film and communication creative agency based in Chile. We work on independent projects, as well as work with clients (such as nonprofits) who are aligned with our mission.

We have mainly focused on creating various film projects with the aim to create content that can be used for environmental education purposes. Our film projects have covered topics such as overfishing, dams and hydroelectricity, as well as wetlands and migratory seabirds.

We also produce a series of events that connect people to nature. These include an environmental film festival called Earth in Focus Film festival, as well as a networking and educational event for people working in conservation in Chile called Acción Conservación.

Our latest project is of editorial nature: an online platform and magazine that covers the intersection between art and conservation called Endémico ( We focus on activism, and aim to share best practices in the field of conservation. Our goal is to continue to share experiences from all over the world and translate them to a Latin American audience.


What have you accomplished over the last year?
1. We are currently working on finishing a documentary film about the forestry industry in Southern Chile, which will premiere in May of this year. We recently launched a teaser for this project, which can be seen here.

2. We also just finished a citizen campaign to promote citizen participation in the creation of Chile´s first mountain policy. The campaign is called La Voz de la Montaña (The Voice of the Mountain), and it includes a website and viral video. More info.

3. We are working on a video for a client about the role of nature in promoting human health. It will premiere this month.

4. We have increased the number of journalists and collaborators for our online magazine Endémico, and now we are working on the first print version of the magazine, to launch in May of 2017.


What are five (5) of your long term goals to accomplish in the next 5-10 years?
In the long term, we´d like to:
1. Create our first documentary full length film project
2. Expand our work to Latin America
3. Study documentary filmmaking in depth (through a masters or certificate program).
4. Design mobile applications that connect technology with conservation
5. Produce a short fiction film


How can others help you accomplish these goals?
Others can help us accomplish our goals by sharing their skills (volunteering as filmmakers, designers, etc), connecting us with environmental nonprofits, financial donations, grant opportunities, and networking opportunities.


How can the public get involved with your project/work?
The public can get involved by attending our events such as Acción Conservación ( and Earth in Focus environmental film festival. (

At the same time, the public can collaborate by sharing our content online in social media, and that way help us gain visibility.

We are also open to receiving collaborations (in Spanish) for our magazine, Endémico. Please email us for more information on the topics we are interested in.


What have been some successes you have had?
Among other projects, we produced three independent documentary shorts about conservation around Chile that have been featured in film festivals around the globe: Chiloé Coming Alfoat, Curacautín Under Water, and Chilwe The Island of Birds. All of these videos have gone viral, reaching up to 40k views on vimeo. We also won ¨best documentary short¨ at Rockport Film Festival (2014) for our short Chiloé Coming Afloat.

When it comes to environmental issues, It is important to show problems, but also propose solutions.

Our latest project is of editorial nature: an online platform and magazine that covers the intersection between art and conservation.

Collaborate by sharing your skills with us! (volunteering as filmmakers, designers, etc)