Marañón Waterkeeper

Protecting the Marañón River.

Marañón Waterkeeper

Age 27, Peru

PROJECT: Protecting the Marañón River.



Tell us about the work you are doing to create a wilder world.
The Marañón is one of the wildest free flowing Amazonian tributaries that remains free flowing from source to sea. We are connecting people to this river, and empowering them to protect it.

One of our key initiatives is the Remando Juntos project, where local and international activists get together on an annual raft journey down the river, connect to it, create media, photos, videos and or complete scientific study. This empowers individuals to become spokespeople for the river and join our campaign.


What are five (5) of your short term goals to accomplish in the next 1-2 years?
1. Run Remando Juntos Journey annually. Build our international and national teams by taking at least 16 people down the river each year.
2. Create opportunities for more in depth study of the Marañón River. Launch a Rapid Inventory of Species and offer scholarships to enable local scientists to study the region in detail.
3. Run a year long educational tour through the regions that will be impacted by construction of dams on this river.
4. Run a National Campaign in Peru to raise the profile of this river and generate national pride for a one of a kind natural wonder.
5. Provide legal assistance to local people who are being unfairly targeted by construction companies in their attempts to undermine local channels of authority.


How can others help you accomplish these goals?
1. Join our Remando Juntos journey, come to the river and get involved for yourself!
2. Help us conduct preliminary research of the river by completing literature review of specific biological or geomorphological topics.
3. Advocate in your own community. This river is of international importance.


How can the public get involved with your project/work?
1. Follow our Spanish Remando Juntos Campaign.
2. Follow our english Marañón Waterkeeper.
3. Donate
4. Advocate
5. Come see the river, either as a tourist, or as part of one of our campaigns.


What have been some successes you have had?
– Ran the first Remando Juntos journey in 2014.
– Generated huge amounts of material (photo & video).
– Raised $50 000 for a film production
– Ran a year long campaign on social media and grass roots events in Peru.


Any words of advice or wisdom? Anything else you want to tell the world?
Just do it. You might not know where your going or how you will achieve your goal; but you can learn that along the way.
The most important part is your intention and commitment.

Join our Remando Juntos journey, come to the river!

This empowers individuals to become spokespeople for the river.

The most important part is your intention and commitment.