Conservation Music

Harnessing the power of music to spread conservation messages all over the globe.

Alex Paullin

Age 26, Global

PROJECT: Harnessing the power of music to spread conservation messages all over the globe.

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Tell us about the work you are doing to create a wilder world.
Conservation Music (“CM”) is a grassroots movement led by a 501(c)3 nonprofit to foster a global culture of sustainability through locally created educational music and film. Our mission is to reach local communities through memorable, emotional, and accessible musical storytelling about conservation and sustainability, by empowering musicians in developing countries. This includes outlining specific steps to take to better steward the earth as subsistence community members, as well as promoting a general environmental ethic.

In the era of climate change, rural communities with little security are often most affected by the consequences of our global emissions, but by far the least informed about these changes, and what they can do to adapt. By working with musicians, CM informs those who need it the most, in a way they can relate to and feel they’re a part of. Local songs. Local styles. Local languages. Local conservation.

The village is the focus, and the world is the stage. CM first and foremost seeks to reach the communities needing ideas for sustainable living the most. But our impact doesn’t end at the edge of the village. Our rural friends are becoming part of the solution, and their voices can and will inspire other people all around the world.

We seek to empower the voices of rural musicians and national celebrities alike to reach many thousands of people with messages that everyone needs to hear, broadcast nationally via radio and television, and globally via new media and media partners. In collective harmony, we are planting the seeds of a brighter future in the hearts and the minds of each individual listener, musician, and partner.



What are five (5) of your short term goals to accomplish in the next 1-2 years?
– Finish production of “Our Music, Our Environment” documentary film
– Launch 12-month eco-musical caravan from Cape Town to Kilimanjaro
– Complete a new song and video project in each destination, alongside local NGO collaborators
– Tell the stories of these local collaborators through our web series, “On the Beating Path…” and other media
– Confirm a solid base of sponsors and funders to achieve financial stability for the organization


What are five (5) of your long term goals to accomplish in the next 5-10 years?
– Continue to build youth teams and register local satellite entities in the countries we reach, to avoid a hit-and-run approach
– Mentor these local teams in sustaining themselves locally through partnerships and CSR
– Form partnerships with global music publishers to share local works globally
– Achieve global recognition as a brand that reaches innumerable people with its message and deserves support
– Continue to inspire and activate global partners and sponsors to sustain and grow our platform


How can others help you accomplish these goals?
Make a US tax-deductible donation
– Volunteer remotely or in the field  by contacting
– Connect us with: foundations, benefactors, celebrities, similar organizations, corporate sponsors, mentors, and potential partners!
– Follow and share us on social media @conservationmusic
– Visit our website and join our newsletter
– Got experience? Talk to us about joining our board of directors (contact


What have been some successes you have had?
– Produced environmental songs and music videos in five different countries in Southern Africa: Lesotho, Botswana, Swaziland, Angola, and Zambia
– Built relationships in several other countries to act on in the future.
– Developed a beautiful 11-chapter “toolkit” booklet to easily enable musicians around the world to become eco-educators
– Planned and implemented an educational community concert for Malealea Village in Lesotho
– Composed songs to teach about over 10 different environmental topics in the Sesotho language
– Produced two “#CrowdStudio” songs and videos in which dozens of contributors records tracks for an eco-song that we later compile and arrange
– Completed shooting for the “Our Music, Our Environment” documentary film 
– Inspired a local group of youth in Lusaka to start their own Conservation Music movement – without our team ever having set foot in Lusaka! We continue to mentor them towards success as we anticipate arrival in Lusaka in 2018 and can’t wait for more of these.

It is my firm belief that the union of an individual's deepest passions, no matter how seemingly unrelated, shine a light on what the world may be missing that they can provide. Conversely, by looking outwards to the needs of the world, we may find what we've been looking for within. It's a beautiful balance.

Never underestimate the potential in someone who has been inspired, and don't be afraid to inspire them.

We cannot assume that all people think and work in similar ways to ourselves, yet sometimes those who work in different ways than us are incredibly important.