Clean and Green Luanshya and Copperbelt Province

Combating climate change with promotion of proper waste management, tree planting and environmental education.

Green Initiative Zambia

Age 34, Zambia

PROJECT: Combating climate change with promotion of proper waste management, tree planting and environmental education.

Tell us about the work you are doing to create a wilder world.
We are working to inspire the community to adopt best practices in protecting the environment. To do this, we are ensuring that small holder farmers adopt agroforestry by planting trees to help conserve the already existing forest cover. We have put the Luanshya District and the Municipality on the path of ecological recovery from mining, waste pollution, and degradation towards a green and clean city. We have also created a localized Environmental Wildlife and Climate Change Education Manual and outreach program to the schools in the Luanshya districts to educate students.


What are five (5) of your short term goals to accomplish in the next 1-2 years?
1. Develop more themed localized environmental education materials
2. Establish a well supported outreach program to all the wards of Luanshya following an academic calender
3. Establish local and international support to this environmental education outreach program for support
4. Upgrade my education levels to getting more acquainted with current environmental trends
5. Establish trees nurseries in all the schools


How can the public get involved with your project/work?
The public can help us by volunteering their time and spreading the word about this work in Zambia.  We are also in need of tools and recommendations on trainings that focus on capacity building. Of course, financial support of this project would be welcome!


What have been some successes you have had?
This project has gained international recognition and received the Energy Globe Award, has received local recognition by being appointed to key strategic environment committees, and we have been able to have one of the companies who supported us on one of the environmental campaign win an environmental award from the environmental regulatory body.

We have over 39 schools and a significant number of other institutions already benefiting from our outreach program.

The world has enough for everyone man's NEEDS but not enough for every man's GREED. Mahatma Ghandi