Banni Khera Farm

Planting trees and protecting natural habitat for rural tourism


Age 32, India

PROJECT: Planting trees and protecting natural habitat for rural tourism

Tell us about the work you are doing to create a wilder world.
Banni Khera Farm is a sustainable and community based rural tourism project. We offer authentic rural life experience to guests with our focus to offer economic support to local people and promote local skills, culture and heritage – all while working to conserve local habitat.

We are growing more trees in and around our village  in India. Last year, we were able to plant over 200 trees and are working to continue to plant more and more – hopefully reaching over 10,000 trees planted. We also creating a zero killing zone to protect our local wildlife and bird life by providing a safe habitat.


What have been some successes you have had?
We have had some wonderful successes:
1. Involved local school kids and a group of bikers to do a tree plantation campaign
2. Given direct economic support to locals
3. Able to create zero killing zone in our village, which created an increase of birds and small animal and they are more visible and living close to us as now they feel safer
4. Creation of a tree plantation campaign
5. Developing our village and nearby area into a sustainable rural tourism destination


How can the public get involved with your project/work?
We are in need of support with our marketing and promotion. We are also looking for ground support in training locals and implementing our sustainable policies.


What are five (5) of your short term goals to accomplish in the next 1-2 years?
1. Grow more trees
2. Create more safe zones
3. Identify more wild birds and animals
4. Involve the local people
5. Create awareness about importance of wild life and natural habitat


What are five (5) of your long term goals to accomplish in the next 5-10 years?
1. To grow 10,000 trees
2. Create a complete data base of all birds and animals in our area including migratory birds
3. Make the surrounding 12 villages a 100% no kill zone
4. Connect and involve all schools and social organisations
5. Getting a resolution passed for special wildlife zones from local authority and make our area a mini wild life zone


How can others help you accomplish these goals?
1. Professionals in the field of wildlife and conservation can come and guide and support us
2. Volunteers who are interested in such project are most welcome


What are some lessons you have learned/what would you have done differently?
We have learned a better tree growing technique – now we start growing the trees with new technique according to weather and season which we were not doing before .


Have there been any major (or minor) milestones in your work?
The involvement of local people, especially the hunter community which took oath to not kill birds or small animals.

We are looking for professionals in the field of reforestation and wildlife, especially bird study.

We have already planted 200+ trees, and want to eventually plant over 10,000!