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Rhea Mitchell

West Virginia for Public Lands ⋅ USA

My vision is to raise West Virginia to a level of conservation awareness and policy similar to western states, like Montana.

West Virginia Rivers Coalition is a statewide advocacy organization for water. My project is to educate our legislators and empower communities to provide sound conservation policy and practices to the public land watersheds of the state.

– Professional mentoring on “campaign” developing and community outreach.

– I have developed many partnerships with other NGOs on a state and federal level.

– We have been selected to coordinate the Wild and Scenic Film Festival.

– I was also successfully a part of ending a commercial logging in state parks bill, and now and beginning to incorporate climate initiatives and policy in my work with public lands.

I am also a motivational speaker and know much about children and environmental matters. I love writing stories.

I am hopeful for the future because most people are trying to protect what isn’t damaged and reconcile what is.

– Rhea Mitchell

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