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Rajiv Kangabam

Conserving Loktak Lake ⋅ India

Conserving the bioresources of Loktak Lake using spatial and biotechnology approaches.

The Loktak Lake is one of the largest fresh lakes in Indo-Burma Biodiversity Hotspot. The increase in human population and development activities has resulted in the degradation of the lake ecosystem. The aim of this project is to understand the major issues and problem of Loktak Lake in order to find solutions for sustainable management of the Loktak.

The Loktak Lake is one of its kind in the world, famous for the floating island, where the world’s only floating national park is located. The Rucervus eldii eldii, a highly endangered species, has its habitat in the floating island. The construction of Ithai Barrage and the increasing human population has resulted in increasing pressure on the lake ecosystem. This has led to the degradation of the lake aquatic ecosystem. Considering these major issues, the project was taken up to understand the major issues and share the findings among the stakeholders to conserve and restore the Loktak for sustainable management.

To make the Loktak Lake a sustainable place for the generations to come.
The overall goal of the project is to create the sustainable development of the Loktak Lake.
To study the major issues and problems of the Loktak Lake due to anthropogenic activities.
  • Identified the water quality of the present state of the lake water
  • Reported for the first time the presence of pesticides in the lake water and sediment
  • There is degradation in the floating island which is a unique feature of the lake
  • Identified the impact of climate change on the Loktak lake

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