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Omer Badokhon

Biogas For All ⋅ Yemen

A better life for rural households in Yemen through implementation of small-scale biogas plants to insure sustainable life style.

The use of firewood or kerosene fuelled stoves indoors is everyday practice in most of Yemen. Such stoves are not only particularly bad for the environment, but they also have detrimental health effects and their smoke causes many problems. Biogas systems will solve this problem by saving women and children from drudgery of collection and carrying of firewood while keeping them from exposure to smoke inhallation in the kitchen.

I noticed that there was a great need for biogas in Yemen in terms of its potential contribution to development, energy, health and environment. I’m currently working on the development of improved small-scale biogas plants that will be made locally from fiberglass.

My vision is sustainable & environment-friendly society.
  • To establish a startup company to manufacture the micro-biogas plants and provide customer services on operating and maintenance.
  • Promote the use of biogas plants and other sustainable energy sources.
  • Encourage local and international organizations to get involved on this initiative.
  • Educate people on the benefits they may get from biogas systems and training them on the system.
  • More funds and investments to upscale the project.
  • Build more partnerships with the private sector and development organizations.
  • Country conditions and humanitarian crisis require relief organizations to help the poor and effected people to get the biogas systems and other aids.

Winning the top UN Environmental prize Young Champions of the Earth 2017 and attending UNEA 3

Received seed funding from Covestro company and have very nice boosting program with the partners of the Young Champions of the Earth initiative including UNEP, CoalitionWILD and The DO School

Have had a major milestone on developing the improved design of the device and I’m about to receive the first test prototype on 15 August

I succeeded in the crowd funding to establish a non-profit NGO (Green for Sustainable Development).

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