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Natalie Kyriacou OAM

My Green World ⋅ Australia

A social enterprise dedicated to addressing global wildlife and environmental challenges through inclusive, youth-focused education and technology.

My Green World believes that education – and access to education – play a fundamental role in addressing global wildlife and environmental problems. That’s why they have dedicated their existence todeveloping programs and resources that inspire curiosity and educate young people so they may actively participate in global wildlife and environmental conservation issues

Since 2013, My Green World has been pioneering digital education programs that further children’s engagement with global conservation efforts while ensuring the preservation of species and environments.

My Green World’s vision is to create a generation of empowered, educated youth will equipped to positively change the world. My Green World supports young people so that they are ready to deal with global ecological issues, while fostering a more engaged, inclusive and compassionate community.

Increasing children’s engagement with wildlife and environmental conservation education, we are equipping the next generation with the knowledge that will enable them to respond to key issues defining their lifetime.

My Green World is committed to delivering inclusive educational technologies while ensuring high levels of impact on nature conservation efforts. My Green World seeks further funding to expand their impact in Australia and the world.
2015 Outstanding Alumnus of the Year Finalist – Griffith University 2015 ‘Social Pioneer’ – Foundation for Young Australians 2016 Top 50 World Leading Conservationist – Saving Wild (Amazon Bestseller) 2016 Best App for Kids – (World of the Wild) 2016 Victorian Young Achiever Award Finalist 2015 Global Student Entrepreneur Award National Finalist 2016 Probono Impact25 Award 2016 ‘Millennial Women to Watch’ – The Guardian 2017 ‘Mover & Shaker’ – Generosity Magazine 2017 ‘Conservationist to Watch’ – MindFood Magazine 2017 ‘Emerging Leader’ Award – DFAT & AsiaLink 2018 Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2018 Medal of the Order of Australia

My Green World recently launched Kids’ Corner. Kids’ Corner is an inclusive digital classroom inspiring children and educators to participate in wildlife and environmental conservation and sciences through a range of curriculum approved learning programs. Kids’ Corner offers a suite of educational resources for children, including workshop-based environmental programs, animation videos, fact sheets, infographics, reading materials, teachers-notes, games and home activities. Our programs provide children with an enjoyable and creative way of learning about wildlife and the environment. Kids’ Corner breaks down complex issues into easy, fun, positive and actionable concepts that can be used in any setting.

Young leaders are using their voices and passion to enact change for a better planet.

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