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Mya-Rose Craig

Black2Nature ⋅ United Kingdom

I am 16 years old and blog under the name of Birdgirl. I live in the UK and am of Bangladesh heritage. I feel passionately about saving our planet and everything on it and blog about environmental issues, nature conservation, wildlife, and sustainability. I have also led the campaign for ethnic diversity in the UK, as those involved in the environmental and conservation sectors are almost wholly white. I have run nature camps for the last 4 years for children and teenagers who live in areas of deprivation in the city, taking them out to the countryside to connect with nature and the environment. I have written many articles for wildlife and conservation magazines, given lots of interviews including a number in the USA, been on TV and radio and highlighted issues such as the impact of climate destruction, GMO and palm oil plantations. I have been involved in campaigning in other countries around the world, then blogging and giving talks about my experiences and what i have seen first hand. I have met with various politicians to talk about youth environmental issues including Michael Gove, Minister for the environment. I have also won various awards for my work. I am one of the most prominent environmental activists in the UK and am well known in the USA, Europe, Bangladesh, Asia and Australia. 

I want to make UK conservation organisations 20% BAME (Black Asian Minority Ethnic), as it is only when those working in conseration are from diverse backgrounds will they be able to engage everyone in our country.

  • To run 10 camps per year, bringing teenagers and children from around the country to our camps
  • To run 2 conferences per year, one in the south and one in the north to see how diversity in conservation can be increased
  • To ensure that nature conservation charities are 20% BAME

Funding for a part time administrator to run the camps and organise the conferences.

I have organised the first confernce to look at the brariers to BAME people not engaging with nature, with 95 people attending. Half were from the race, diveristy and incusion sector with expertise in the BAME Communites and half were from te nature conservtion, nature education and nature media sector. I have written lots of articles, been on TV and radio and given talks on the subject. I have been on a panel with George Monbiot and Caroline Lucas. Camp Chew – March 2019
Camp Avalon April 2019
Camp Chew – June 2019
Camp Avalon – July 2019

People can talk to their local wildlife conservation charities, asking them to take action to make themselves diverse. They can ask that they monitor members and trustees in terms of their ethnicity. If the organisation is within communiting distance of a diverse town or city, making sure that job adverts are advertised there in places BAME will see the adverts

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