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Muhammad Naveed Arshad

Environmental Scientist and Social Activist ⋅ United Kingdom

I am environment scientist originally from Pakistan and working in Aberystwyth University, UK. I have working experience with various International organizations and being National Consultant with Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations, I have developed Agro-Ecological Zones of Pakistan. I am very passionate about research on environmental issues, sustainability and socio-ecological resilience. I am working closely with young scientists from Thailand, China, Pakistan, India, United Kingdom and United States of America for multidisciplinary research of climate change impacts on agriculture, wildlife and livelihood. I am active team member of various NGOs to run nature conservation campaigns. I am regular article writer for ‘Tech Times’ and other magazines/newspapers.

My vision is to make this world socially and ecologically resilience as well as a world with zero hunger.

  • To promote sustainable conservation of biodiversity, ecosystem health , and species genetic variation of protected areas in Uganda through community engagement, research, agroforestry and advocacy
  • To promote economic empowerment and entrepreneurship skills for women, vulnerable children and youth at household level through self-help projects, apprenticeship trainings and enterprise development for indigenous communities around protected areas in Uganda.
  • To promote sustainable conservation of natural resources for the well-being of humanity and sustainable development.
  • To promote gender education necessary for advancing gender equity and equality in all its forms in indigenous communities around protected areas in Uganda.
  • To provide support for research and ecological monitoring, education and information exchange related to local, national and global issues of biodiversity conservation and development.

To work collaboratively with other global youth organisations on climate issues and support government in climate planning as well as public awareness through social media and other youth activities at educational institutes.

1. Development of Agro-Ecological Zones of Pakistan
2. Climate Change Impact Assessment on major crops in south Asia
3. Mapped the Agricultural Productivity Potential of Wales
4. Development of Crop Suitability Maps of Pakistan
5. Book Published on ‘Basics of Agricultural Sciences’

My activities/work can be accessed at personal website (www.naveedarshad.tk).

I am very active on social media and welcome youth students and researchers to work collaboratively or plan activities.

Young researchers can play role in conservation services for wildlife and other natural resources conservation.

– Muhammad Naveed Arshad

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