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Mariama Mamane


JACIGREEN uses a plant-based mechanism to purify water and a system to produce organic fertilizer and produce electricity for rural communities in West Africa

Mariama wants to address the energy deficit in Africa and the devastating degradation of cropland caused by chemical fertilizers. Her project, “JACIGREEN”, offers an innovative eco-solution to the problem of water hyacinth, which, without controlled management, can be devastating for the environment. This invasive alien species grows very rapidly in the waterways of the Niger River. Although not inherently harmful, initially purifying the waterway in which it grows, water hyacinth becomes a problem once it reaches a certain maturity by suffocating aquatic life. JACIGREEN will introduce a plant-based purification mechanism to help manage fresh water sustainably and improve access to drinking water. It will simultaneously implement a system to produce organic fertilizer (via anaerobic composting) and electricity (from biogas recovered from the water hyacinth transformation process).

Improve living conditions of population through sustainable agriculture and renewable energy for energy deficient rural communities in West Africa.

Our main goal is to set up several biomethanation platforms to produce organic fertilizer and electricity from biogas.

Specifically, we want to bring Social and Environmental Impact in our countries by:

  • Developing Rural community’s
  • Protecting population from threat caused by hyacinth water
  • Protecting farmer from chemical fertilizer damage
  • Providing renewable energy to population and reduce GES
  • Protecting environment and its biodiversity
In order to finalize our research and development and start big scale production at JACIGREEN. We need your help today by: 

  • Connecting us to organizations which can help us to test our household prototype in rural areas
  • Testing our business model including Marketing Social aspects
  • Participating in our crowdfunding effort very soon
We are currently on research and development phase and also refining prospective needs for our products such as organic fertilizer, biogas for electricity production. We have developed a first draft of a business plan, carried out an upgrade course on small biogas units.
We have developed a small prototype to test our solution and at the end of year 2018 we want to certify our product and start JACIGREEN at big scale.

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