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Liliana Jaramillo

Nativus ⋅ Ecuador

Nativus seeks to reintroduce native plants into the city to increase biodiversity, generate conservation and improve resilience. We work developing research on green infrastructure, where green roofs have been our main focus.

Nativus is a project/start-up that develops applied research with native plants, identifying suitable species for their use in the city. Our work starts with the collection, propagation and experimentation of plants, to understand their benefits and the best way to improve green infrastructure performance. The use of native plants in the urban landscape will encourage conservation within the city, improve reconnection with nature, and will create local landscape identity.
Nativus wants to integrate conservation in citizens’ daily lives, reflecting our rich biodiversity in the urban spaces.
  • Generate native plant availability in the local market.
  • Increase green spaces with native plants in the urban landscape, attracting native fauna back in the city.
  • Create a reconnection between nature and citizens.
  • Generate a new trend of landscaping in Quito and other cities, generating a local identity with native plants.
As green roof technology is a recent innovation in Quito, lots of knowledge and experience have to be developed. Sharing experiences from similar projects in other countries will guide us to get faster to our goals. We seek to collaborate with universities and companies to develop knowledge in a faster way and understand the needs of the city.

As an emerging start-up in the city we seek funding for accelerate the research process and start plant production and implementation.

  • Young Champions of the World award 2017– UN Environment
  • Reto de Emprendimiento Urbano (Quito) – IMPAQTO
  • Women4Climate mentoring program – Secretaría de Ambiente Quito / C40 cities
(July 2018) – Currently, Nativus has already installed their first experimental green roof prototype in Quito. On the next weeks, two native gardens will be installed on the 15th storey building on Quito´s downtown.

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