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Kaya Dorey

Novel Supply Co. ⋅ Canada

Rad, sustainable and ethically made apparel.

Our goal is to make the most rad, sustainable and ethically made apparel out there. In an effort to take responsibility for the apparel we’re making, we’re developing a take-back program so that we can find a solution for the textiles waste at the end of its life.

The turning point for me was when I realized that synthetic fabrics blends aren’t biodegradable or recyclable. I thought to myself, “Why are we creating clothing that doesn’t break down and WHY are we making it out of chemicals and petroleum-based products when we wear it EVERY DAY?!” So, I went on a hunt to find clothing that was made from natural fabrics from brands that cared about the mark they left on the planet. I found myself wandering into stores that said “eco-friendly”, “made locally” and “fair trade” but I could never find anything that suited my style.

I love comfortable basics, rad prints, minimalist design, relaxed fits, natural fabrics and non-toxic everything, which didn’t exist in Vancouver. So, I decided to venture out on my own and create it myself. That’s where the novel idea came from and, naturally, how I chose the name.

To lead a global movement towards a more sustainable, ethical and circular fashion industry.
1. Develop a take-back program and find alternative solutions to the landfill for textiles waste.
2. Be zero waste by 2021.
3. Source all natural organic fabrics from Canada by 2025
4. Source and carry a selection of curated sustainable products alongside my apparel line.
5. Research automated manufacturing to see if it is feasible in Vancouver.
  • Financial and business strategy
  • Business partner
  • Investment
  • 2017 Young Champions of the Earth recipient
  • Capilano University Alumni Award of Excellence recipient in the category of Confidence
  • Nominated for Young Entrepreneur of the Year by the Chamber of Commerce

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