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Jude Ryan B. Seares

CHILD Project ⋅ Philippines

Development and humanitarian professional, NGO manager and child-rights and disability advocate. 

Jude is passionate about disability-inclusion, child rights and protection and disaster risk reduction (DRR) and management. He has previously worked with ChildFund, World Vision and Humanity and Inclusion managing and overseeing projects in the Philippines in emergency and non-emergency situations. Jude represented the Philippines in various fellowships in Japan, South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Jude holds a Bachelor in Broadcasting, Master in Public Governance, Master in Community Development and Doctor of Development Management degrees. Currently, he is the Program Operations Manager of CHILD Initiative, a child-focused NGO in the Philippines that aims to empower and protect children.

I envision a society that is protective, inclusive, safe and thriving for all children regardless of age, gender, condition and status, and that children are genuinely taking part of the development and decision-making processes in their home, school, and community. 

I am currently working as the Program Operations Manager of CHILDInitiative a premiere disability-inclusive and child-focused NGO in the Philippines. Others can help us through the funding of our projects on nutrition, parenting, inclusive education, youth life skills, and disaster risk reduction. You can reach us at or follow our work at We are also open for partnerships, collaboration and volunteering opportunities. 

My current organization, CHILD Initiative needs partnerships and funding to sustain its interventions and reach more deprived, excluded and vulnerable children and communities. You or your organization can volunteer, fundraise or set up an exhibit in a community event to promote our cause and work. We are also open for partnerships and collaboration in implementing our work. If you are studying, you can do part-time works or on-the-job training with us. We are open for year-round volunteers with the following expertise and experience: fundraising, video and photo editing, desktop publishing, community and event organizing, proposal development, among others. Or you can donate at

I have 10 years of accomplishments and experiences in implementing projects promoting the survival, development, participation, and the protection of children in the most deprived, excluded and vulnerable situations across the Philippines working with various coalitions, alliances and NGOs. I  managed 12 projects/grants on child protection, inclusion and disability, education, disaster risk reduction, health, among others in development and humanitarian settings in 7 regions, 25 provinces and 50 municipalities assisting 500,000 children and families. I have mentored more than 40 children and youth associations and 55 civil society groups and institutions in promoting child rights to be integrated into policies, development agenda and budget. I have coached more than 500 children and youth leaders with mixed abilities of which some of them have won numerous recognitions and joined various advocacy initiatives at the local, regional, national and ASEAN levels. I am proud because I am instrumental in facilitating opportunities for the most deprived, excluded and vulnerable children and youth for them to be active agents of change in their respective communities. 

I am a development and humanitarian professional with a substantive background working in the most depressed communities. I can offer my technical skills on NGO management, capacity building, proposal writing and grants acquisition and partnerships. I can also share my technical expertise on child rights, disability-inclusion, and human rights programming. You can email me at for possible collaboration and partnerships to your projects and endeavors. 

Our children and youth are always our world’s future. Thus, we need to invest in our children throughout all stages of life because the well-being of our children and youth, leads to the well-being of the world and our future.

Jude Ryan Seares

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