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Jessie Panazzolo

Heroic Tourism ⋅ Australia

Using community engagement and public education in order to inspire tourists to save the world on their holidays.

Heroic Tourism was founded in 2014 after Jessie Panazzolo researched the behaviour of Black Lemurs in Madagascar. During her research, she discovered that tourism was the only factor preserving the remaining 10% of Madagascar’s unique forests, however was also directly harming populations through human interaction and feeding of sugar rich food. Since this discovery, it has been Jessie’s dream to inspire tourists to make ethical decisions on their holidays in order to preserve the remaining precious ecosystems on earth as well as conserving the natural health and behaviour of wildlife that reside in these areas. Heroic Tourism aims to convert any modern day tourist into a conservation hero for wildlife through education and community engagement.

Through public events, fundraisers and online communications, tourists are encouraged to “Be a Hero” on their holidays by making ethical decisions for animals in the tourism industry as well as natural environments.

Heroic Tourism aims to inspire a global conservation effort by using the ripple effect to instill behavioural change amongst tourists in order to protect the earth’s natural environments and wildlife.

  • Create a “Backyard Tourists” initiative to inspire local Australians to get in touch with the wildlife on their doorsteps
  • Complete a successful transition from the South Australian to the Victorian community
  • Establish and grow Heroic Tourism education based community events in Victoria
In order to transition Heroic Tourism from South Australian to Victorian communities, it is important to become involved in local conservation and other community events in order to establish a platform in which to host Heroic Tourism programs. A fundamental component of Heroic Tourism is collaboration with local organisations, landholders and the general public. A strong bridge between all three groups needs to be gapped in order to meet the goals set for Heroic Tourism in 2018.


  • We were founded as a conservation initiative after the research of Jessie Panazzolo on Black Lemurs in Madagascar


  • We hosted two events, our opening event through the city of Adelaide and a quiz night in aid of raising money for the Orangutan Information Centre in North Sumatra. Over the span of both events we raised around $3000
  • We released our Apple and Android game where you can save monkeys from the evil poachers whenever you’re bored (get it free here for Apple and here for Android)


  • Heroic Tourism ran from North Sumatra for the first six months of the year and helped to educate local citizens about their impact on the natural world
  • Jessie Panazzolo released her coffee table book “The Last Place On Earth” which allowed people to experience the rainforests of North Sumatra without leaving their living room
  • We were invited to experience Sri Lankan wildlife and conservation efforts by Trunks and Leaves research centre in 2017


  • We held a fundraising event for Trunks and Leaves research centre in Sri Lanka and educated the community about elephant conservation
  • Heroic Tourism Education Program was established in the Adelaide Zoo through the Youth At The Zoo (YATZ) Program
  • We held talks in many schools around Adelaide to inspire the youth about the amazing world of science and nature
  • Our sister blog “Teachings from the Wilderness” was born


  • We partnered with Sustainable Communities who sponsored us to run community events
  • We held “Doing it for the Dolphins” cetacean education event
  • We held “Education for Elephants” elephant education event
  • We were listed as a CoalitionWILD project leader for our work to conserve our natural world
  • We were registered as Wildlife Tourism Australia members
  • An article was published about us in the Australian Wildlife Magazine

July 2018 – Heroic Tourism has now moved to Victoria from South Australia and is making connections with Victorian wildlife and ecotourism ventures in order to build a presence in the Victorian community.

Young leaders are using their voices and passion to enact change for a better planet.

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