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Socio-environmentalist and manager of Global Vision ⋅ Democratic Republic of Congo

My vision is to promote entrepreneurship through concrete actions by working with men, women and especially young people to promote gender and vulnerable populations (indigenous peoples) at the individual, family, community and institutional public and private levels.

I’m an A1 Community Development Technician and Entrepreneurship Certified entrepreneur of Bocconi University in Millan through the Adanson project. I have been appointed manager by my peers, for a period of 3 years renewable, from the recognition of constitution of their company Global Vision Sarl. I’m currently a Junior Consultant individual in Environmental and Social Safeguarding, after a training of capitalization (followed by internships in projects financed by the World Bank), realized by a team of Experts of the World Bank.

 -The Empowerment of the team involved in the implementation of the project through a training in your training centers;

-Regular exchange of news about social and environmental protection

-Some performed tools of data gathering are needed

-Need of a potential financial partners so that we can do better than what we have undertaken.

With the help of the collaborators, we had initiated a farming project so as to serve the home-city in chicken’s meat. Unfortunately we had difficulty to evolve following a loss of capital due to a long distance that separate the supply place (the neighboring country) to our city. For the revivaling of our project, we have already prepared a nursery of fruit trees and are fattening chicks that we will distribute to twenty vulnerable people who live below $1 a day to fight against erosion and initiate a generative activity income for beneficiaries to fight against poverty and malnutrition.

Others can connect with us through giving to our team members training opportunities. Some examples are providing them with scholarships, exchanges in experiences through short visits, putting the team members in contact with other partners dealing with sustainable development, and teaching our team how to gather the necessary information via surveys and how to interpret the date to determine if there are strong correlations between them and what is actually happening in the community.

Youth entrepreneurship is the key to individual and collective emergence.


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