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Eunita Atitwa

Supporting the conservation of pollinators through the Pollinator Garden ⋅ Kenya

My vision is to see a community aand its people free of suffering and well empowered to conserve nature .

I am Eunita Atitwa, a 13 year old studying at St Joseph Busia girls primary school in Kenya. I am hoping to become an environmental science student and conservator in the future. I am now managing a pollinator garden that has different trees species and flower varieties to provide food for engendered pollinators such as bees, bats, wasps, and beetles.

– I need volunteers to support my work on social media marketing, graphics and website design

– I also need both technical and financial support to expand my project, train more volunteers/youth to support establishing more gardens, collect seeds and purchase needed working tools such as gloves, gumboots, mattocks, digging hoes, slashers and different seeds for flowers and trees

– Writing/creating of learning signs and posters to share with community for learning purposes

-Purchasing fencing materials

– Secured small seed grant of $1000 from the Pollination Project in the US

– I am proud to have received the prestigious award from Action for Nature, an international organization that comes with a small funding of about $400 and a certificate to support my work

I am also a motivational speaker and know much about children and environmental matters. I love writing stories.

I am optimistic that a well educated society and knowledgeable youth that are empowered with resources and tools will be ready to protect our environment and biodiversity for our future survival and generations to follow .

– Eunita Atitwa

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