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Ashish Kumar


Determining socio-ecological forces shaping the Hyaena population in the
Western Ghat part of Tamil Nadu, India

I am Ashish Kumar and fascinated about wildlife conservation especially in the place which received very little attention of wildlife activist or scientist. After my secondary education, I led a mass awareness program in and around Palamau Tiger Reserve (PTR), Jharkhand, India. The PTR is one of the first of nine tiger reserves of the country, but due to mismanagement, it has become the worst. I decided to revive the condition and did my Masters in Wildlife Science from Aligarh Muslim University.

I am a Sanguine person and after getting equipped, I am determined to work for the revival of Palamau Tiger Reserve. I have grown there and will help PTR to grow. There are lots alternative livelihood opportunity which can replace the invasive forest dependency on forest by forest dwellers. I will work to provide the alternative source of livelihood to the people who are residing in side the forest. I also want to bring awareness among them in this context.

I need a guidance from the experts around the globe so that I can come with new ideas which are really working in the ground. I also need economical support to run my campaign.

I raised the issue of Palamau Tiger Reserve to Chief Minister of the Jharkhand State and compelled them to take action on it. I have published two article on PTR and one on its resource management. I have rescued two golden jackal, one from well.

I framed Tiger and Nature Friends Society which works for wildlife conservation in PTR. Now i am getting support from many local youngster and same minded people. To provide alternative source to the deprived farmers we developed a system of Kisan Nursery by which we provide seedlings to forest dweller they take care of it and sell to earn their livelihood. In this way they are connected to nature and also getting money out of it. It also helped to curb to their migration to other place in the search of jobs.

I am well versed will Remote Sensing and GIS can help in that.

I feel that i am hopeful for the future of the planet because I am a vibrant young wildlife activist with scientific temperament. My honest leadership with contemporary scientific approach together will lead the earth toward the sustainability.

– Ashish Kumar

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