Plastic Problem to Opportunity

By Miranda Wang
2018 Young Champion of the Earth
North America

25 year old Miranda Wang is co-founder and CEO of BioCellection, a company that turns unrecyable plastic waste into chemicals for a circular economy. She was named our 2018 Young Champion of the Earth for North America. In her vlog, Miranda breaks down how BioCellection is turning our discarded plastics into something highly useful.



BioCellection is tackling the plastic crisis by developing an economical recycling solution for currently unrecyclable plastic waste. Our team has developed a chemical process that transforms plastics into renewable chemicals for sustainable virgin-quality materials. BioCellection is partnered with city governments, waste companies, corporates, and schools to circularize plastics. Our team aspires to process 17 metric tons of plastic waste in California during our 2018 pilot, and to divert more than 3,000 metric tons per year of plastic films in each major US metropolitan center at commercial scale. At commercial scale, our team plans to fabricate modular process skids to treat plastic waste on a regional level around the world. Products from these regions will be centralized and purified in chemical facilities. By connecting the waste and chemistry worlds, we’re enabling a circular plastic economy.

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