My @Green.Story

By Diana Garlytska
CoalitionWILD 2018 Ambassador


I am a lecturer and researcher based in Vilnius, Lithuania. As a part of my job, I was once screening materials for a project idea about green jobs and accidentally came across guidebook that referred to CoalitionWILD Ambassadorship programme. To my great surprise the website of the organization said that enrollment into the programme was opened. I knew I had to apply …and luckily I got chosen.

The whole experience in the programme was great. I finally had someone to share my thoughts with! I had a chance to ask for and receive feedback, act upon it and improve under my mentor’s guidance. Series of online meetings and lectures were really helpful for keeping on track with the project and had a lot of great tips on handling stress, emotional burnout, motivation and meditation. I learnt a lot of useful practices and ideas absolutely free!

Yet, the most valuable part of this experience for me was the affirmation, the fact that I was chosen. This gave me confidence and energy to proceed when I had little time for the project or doubted myself. If there is someone who believes in my expertise, knowledge and skills, then I can do it! Probably, that was the most important outcome of the whole experience – confidence boost and trust in myself.

My project idea was on digital storytelling for raising awareness about sustainable living. And while I did not reach the objectives I set for myself in the application, I know I did a big job in creating a content of different quality. I learnt how Instagram algorithms work and what the keys to success in blogging are. I doubt I would ever engage myself in such challenging journey without the framework and support fromCoalitionWILD Ambassadorship programme. Thus, I am glad I had this experience in my life and so I continue with my @green.story even when the program ends.

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