Meet Our Ambassadors


Sarah Levine, Nepal


In the early 1990’s Sarah learned how to walk along the riparian trails of the Chattahoochee River, a basin saved from poor infrastructure and policy by local level environmental stewardship. Now Sarah is the Primary Investigator for the Ganges River Dolphin Conservation Project with IUCN-Nepal and the Dolphin Conservation Centre. For over five years, Sarah has spread influential conservation pedagogy in the United States and Nepal through empowering and educating community stakeholders about their watersheds. She is currently aiding a subsistence fishing community with a minimal level of literacy in data acquisition and developing an interactive interface of collective intelligence for research on the Ganges river dolphin with regard to water quality in hopes of igniting positive change through environmental education and access to knowledge irrespective of education level.





FB_IMG_1464601969373Sohaib Aamir, Pakistan


Sohaib is a social entrepreneur who has worked with many charities both across London and in Pakistan to make my local community a better place to live in. Moreover, he has run a fundraiser with Children In Need to support children in Haiti and has also worked with Pakistan State Oil (PSO) to raise funds for the people of Pakistan who were hit by a devastating flood in 2011. Sohaib has been working on how to can create awareness of recycling in Pakistan by conducing many small seminars and projects in schools, colleges and universities throughout Karachi.








profile picRitika Prasai, Nepal


Ritika is a conservationist living with the aim of creating change in society, change that can be a book to the country, and is working to improve the world philosophy about conservation.  She works to encourage all the youths like herself to move together to achieve a common goal.  Ritika believes in a safer and beautiful planet for all. “Let’s be the part of this platform! Let’s make a contribution!”











Augustin Dieuseul, Haiti


Augustin, who’s profession is Agronomist, specializes in social engineering, environmental science, andhas a multidisciplinary education that allows him to address the complexity of current challenges related to environment and development. He is very experienced in forest management and risk and disaster, ecosystem dynamics, agroecology in urban and rural areas, food security and climate change.  Augustin has a good ability in understanding a monitoring and project evaluation. He knows relationships between natural systems and the economic, social, political, cultural and food dynamics. He developed skills to participate, through the pooling of expertise and community approaches, to management and resolution of environmental problems in order to contribute, with the employer, to the implementation of sustainable development.







Neale Howarth, South Africa


Born and raised in the Eastern Cape bushveld, South Africa, Neale has been involved with wildlife since a young age, growing up on a family farm that grew to include many of the natural species that once occurred in the area. What began as a hobby has turned into a passion and in 2013 he underwent ‘Rhino Aware USA’, a driving tour across the USA speaking to high school and university students about the threat of poaching on the rhino population in South Africa, reaching 20 states and engaging with just over 3500 students. He is now based out of Pumba Private Game Reserve, back in the Eastern Cape, as a field guide and resident photographer. Neale believes that through the photographic medium, a greater awareness and engagement can be made possible through social and interactive media. He is also involved in research projects that look to further understand the threat to certain species in the area and how we can give them the best opportunity to thrive. You can follow Neale on Facebook (Neale Howarth Photography) and Instagram (@nealehowarth).






Flavia Alessandrini, Italy


Flavia graduated in Law at the University of Roma La Sapienza with a thesis on renewable energies and the sustainable development in Italy, South Africa, Japan, and Australia. She completed a 6-month internship in 2016 as Commercial Advisor at the Danish Embassy in Rome where she facilitated contact between Danish and Italian companies, conducted market surveys in the energy sector, wrote export related articles, and organized the seminar: Sustainable Cities Promoting Urban Health. She will be beginning an internship at World Fair Trade Organisation in the Netherlands in April where she looks to contribute to the fight against poverty, climate change, and the global economic crises.






Taken with Lumia Selfie

Steven Makuma, Malawi


In 2011, Steven was selected to study a bachelor’s degree in forestry from Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources. He received an award of bachelor’s degree in forestry in 2016. Steven also has a certificate in climate change and a certificate in project monitoring and evaluation. He is currently working as project coordinator for Tusk Trust at Lilongwe wildlife Center, Malawi. Driven by his passion for environmental stewardship, Steven has worked as a volunteer at Blantyre District Office and Lilongwe Wildlife Center. Steven’s motivation for environmental stewardship escalated that now he is a founder of a youth group called which he started in 2016 for a purpose of facilitating environmental stewardship in areas of climate change, waste management, afforestation, youth and environment, community outreach, environment conservation and biodiversity.






Shivish BhandariShivish Bhandari, Nepal


Shivish has completed M.Sc. in Zoology in 2014 from Tribhuvan University. His master’s degree dissertation was relating to the tigers prey selection. Now, he has been working as a principal investigator since 2015 for the striped hyaena conservation program in lowland, Nepal. His study focuses on how to save the striped hyaena in human dominated landscape in Nepal. He is currently sharing ecological importance of the striped hyaena to the rural people and is also working on other large carnivore species’ such as tiger and common leopard conservation. He is familiar with camera trapping, geospatial analysis and conservation outreach programs. His aim is to continue working with large carnivore conservation in Nepal.







Shivish BhandariMatt Williams, United Kingdom


Matt Williams is a nature lover, photographer and writer. He’s the Associate Director of A Focus on Nature, the UK’s youth nature network. He also works on climate and energy policy for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and is a Council Member for The Wild Network. You can follow him @mattadamw and









FB_IMG_1464601969373Nahar Muhammed, India


A sustainable tourism professional from India, Muhammed Nahar specializes in niche tourism areas viz., Protected Area based tourism, wildlife tourism, ecotourism, etc. He understands and vouches for the powerful role of tourism in achieving the conservation goals of Protected Areas in India and elsewhere. In his professional journey so far, he has rich consulting experience in the field of ecotourism having worked closely with state governments, international agencies, joint ventures and private ecotourism ventures. Recognized as Global Tourism Expert from India by UNEP in its Database on Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism, he maintains strong interest towards tourism research, conducting capacity building and training programs in the Tourism domain. He is also a member of different national and international tourism associations, groups and research bodies.







FB_IMG_1464601969373Nouhad Awwad, Lebanon


Nouhad Awwad holds a BSc. in environmental health and a master’s degree in Environmental Sciences with a concentration in environmental policy planning from the American University of Beirut. Nouhad also got a certificate from Duke University for completing One Health Program; in addition, she attended a course on U.S Foreign Policy in Global Era at Elliott School of International Affairs at the University of George Washington University. She has been an online and offline environmental activist as well as working on numerous grassroots campaigns for climate justice issues she believes in. Currently, she is volunteering with the Arab Youth Climate Movement in Lebanon and The Mediterranean Youth Network. Nouhad was part of the Lebanese official delegation to COP21 and COP22. Nouhad tracks the NDCs for her country and other Arab states. Nouhad works to serve her interest in protecting the environment and applying humanitarian standards and codes, with the ultimate goal of safeguarding a sustainable future.







FB_IMG_1464601969373Alain Senghor K. Ngute, Cameroon


Alain is a young conservation biologist, holding a M.Sc. in Ecology and Wildlife Management from the University of Dschang (Cameroon), with thesis related to avian diversity, ecology and conservation prospects. He has participated to several field courses on tropical ecology and conservation, which experiences are now fuelling his inspiration and enthusiasm to excel in biodiversity monitoring and conservation, community-based wildlife management, and strengthening his eager to build a career in Conservation Sciences. In addition to leading and participating to independent field-based ecological research and conservation projects with environmental education and community awareness campaigns, Alain is ‘part-timely’ teaching general biological and environmental sciences in Cameroonian public High Schools. He is voluntarily serving as Assistant Editor of the African Conservation Telegraph, a newsletter published by the Africa Section of the Society for Conservation Biology, which covers biological conservation and environmental news from scientific and nonscientific related disciplines.







Tayyab Shafique, Pakistan


Tayyab Shafique has a Masters degree in Environmental Sciences from UoK and is involved in different environmental and social activities in Pakistan. He is representing Pakistan as country Director (National Director) of ISEC (International Student Environmental Coalition) and is the Founder of Climate Beacons Network. He engages in the empowerment of youth through environmental journalism and works to build capacity for the Climate Coalition Youth of Climate Change Peace and Sustainability. He is passionate about protecting the environment with the ultimate goal of safeguarding a sustainable future.





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