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Standing Together in Times of Crisis – Survey on the Impacts of the Covid-19 Pandemic

November 2020

Sharing our stories connects us to others deeply and meaningfully, creating a safe space for others to then share their stories in return.

The year 2020 challenged us, as individuals and as a global society. As we continue to move forward and navigate a new reality, we believe we can, and need to, remain connected despite the thousands of miles between us
In this short survey, the CoalitionWILD team invites you to share your experience navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic. What new conditions did you face? What fears do you have? Have you innovated in your work and found opportunity amidst the chaos?
We will craft your responses into stories to share with our network in an effort to bring the CoalitionWILD community together and foster support, generate reflection and discussion, and provide a global record of the unique challenges and realities faced by people around the world.
Let’s bring hope. Let’s inspire. Together, let’s utilize technology to remain connected in our hearts despite our distance.
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