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CoalitionWILD is unlocking the source-code that expedites learning and discovery so that up-and-coming leaders can hit the ground running and create rapid wins for people and the planet.


Through a partnership between the United States Department of Interior (DOI) and CoalitionWILD, the 2017 Mentorship Program is providing mentorship, advice and expertise to 13 young professionals from CoalitionWILD’s network working in the conservation field around the world by pairing them with experts working on conservation, restoration and other environmental issues within the Department.


“Sharing the scientific knowledge and expertise of professionals throughout Interior with young leaders working in environmental careers reinforces our commitment to work together on a global scale toward shared goals for a healthier planet,” said former Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell. “This partnership is an example of how we can address the challenges ecosystems face around the world at this time of growth and climate change, actively engaging young people to carry this work forward. Today’s announcement helps leverage the strengths of both Interior and CoalitionWILD to share knowledge, empower young people, and develop stronger conservation strategies for the future.”


Mentorship is the greatest tool society has to encourage emerging young leaders to grab hold of an innovative idea and ensure it becomes a reality. Without question, young people have the capacity to generate positive change, but often the greatest barriers to engagement are a lack of shared experiences, knowledge of how to access available tools and resources, and a support network to help them trouble shoot their visions as they encounter successes and failures.


Many people and causes encourage rising change-makers to make a difference in their communities, but few offer the tools to help them implement their ideas or ensure that the process of doing good is both personally sustainable and rewarding.


Invest in our future environmental leaders.

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