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A coalition of young leaders working together for the planet.

Young people are on the front lines of environmental conflict. CoalitionWILD propels them to their full potential to solve these problems and generate change.
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A Force For Change

CoalitionWILD is connecting and equipping young leaders to tackle our planet’s greatest conservation challenges.

Threats to nature exist on all continents, and young people are organizing to bring immediate and necessary solutions to their local communities. Often they work alone, without formal education or connection to broader networks. CoalitionWILD provides the outlet, encouragement, and resources these emerging leaders are seeking.

“Since joining the CoalitionWILD Ambassador Program, I know that my achievements are valuable to people who are experienced in environment protection and sustainable development. This alone gives me confidence to continue.”

Diana Garlytska, lithuania coalitionwild 2018 ambassador cohort

“CoalitionWILD provides a platform that has never existed. It’s creating a different way to look at what activism and conservation mean.”

D. Simon Jackson Spirit Bear Youth Coalition/Time Magazine’s Hero for the planet

“With the confidence that I gained from CoalitionWILD, I started my own conservation consulting business focused on technology-based community conservation.”

Michael Grover, South Africa Project Leader, activating africa

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Join CoalitionWILD’s global community inspiring action, troubleshooting challenges, and providing a peer support network for young leaders tackling our planet’s greatest conservation challenges.

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When given the right tools and resources ordinary people can create extraordinary change. This collection of toolkits will help you take that first step to making a meaningful impact in your community.


Join our global connected community of young people tackling our planet’s greatest conservation challenges – in their communities and abroad.

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The single most important truth of our time is that we can save nature. There are a lot of reasons to be hopeful for the future of the planet. People are doing great work around the world, and their work is making a difference.

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Young leaders are using their voices and passion to enact change for a better planet.

Join us and connect with them.

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