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Our natural world and our climate are in a state of crisis.

CoalitionWILD is building a powerful, global connected community of emerging leaders to transform the planet through youth-driven solutions. Meet The Leaders#YoungChampions

CoalitionWILD is creating lasting youth leadership for the planet.

Lead with us,

and learn from other leaders.


Apply To Be A #YoungChamp

Do you have big plans for people and planet? We’re partnering with the UN Environment and are seeking the next wave of #YoungChamps.


Hear Their Voices

These are the stories of youth on the frontlines of environmental change-making and their quests to create a better future for the planet.

Donate Your Time

Mentorship is our greatest tool to equip youth with support, networks, and confidence to believe in their abilities. Apply to be a Mentor.

CoalitionWILD has a 6-year history of producing knowledge and capacity-building initiatives, delivering mentorship programs, and building communities in 107 countries to over 1,100 emerging leaders.


This wouldn’t be possible without our many partners. These are just some of them.


Emerging leaders equipped


people impacted globally




CoalitionWILD Ambassadors


mentorship participants


Young champions of the earth

A Force For Change

Youth-developed and youth-led by a youth-team, youth-board, and youth-partners*, we know that just inspiring youth isn’t enough –
we need to lower the threshold for active involvement.
We work with young people self-designing solutions for issues they care about.

It’s not just about providing the tools to create action. We are ensuring they have the belief that they know how to use those tools best.

*By the way…”youth” and “young people” means 35 years of age or younger.

Investing In The Future

CoalitionWILD doesn’t just support a leader for one project, in one community, for one time – 

What emerges is a leader for the planet, for a lifetime.

With your help, we can equip more emerging leaders to tackle our planet’s greatest environment challenges.










Join our global connected community of young people tackling our planet’s greatest conservation challenges – in their communities and abroad.

Young leaders are using their voices and passion to enact change for a better planet.

Join us and connect with them.