Tackling global warming is overwhelming. Pushing for policy change seems insurmountable.  Being your own news fact checker is exhausting. It’s not that you don’t want to get involved with doing good or with world changing initiatives, but the difficulty in figuring out how to get started is enough to stop you before you get going. We get it – truly we do.


Here’s the thing we need you to believe:


1 action makes a difference.

1 person creates change.

We need you to believe it, because we know it’s true. We see it every day from our Project Leaders and Ambassadors, from our members, and from our partners. And now, we want to see it from YOU.

That’s why we’ve created the #every1 campaign. We are committing 2017 to showing you how YOU can Be The 1.


During the upcoming months we’ll be sharing examples of easy actions you can perform daily, weekly, or monthly that will make a difference in your community. We’ll be asking you to share your favorite places with us and with others, inspire us with positive news stories and people who motivate you, and to give your expertise, time, skills, and love to causes you believe in.


We’ll even make it easy for you. Download our list of suggested actions you can take. Follow us on Facebook for more ideas.


Most importantly, we want to hear about it. We want to know what you are doing so we can broadcast it around the world, encouraging others to Be The 1 in their communities.


#Every1 action moves the needle towards positive, global change.

#Every1 person contributes to a larger, international movement.



Join the campaign by hashtagging #every1 to your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter photos and posts.

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Check back weekly for new tasks being added to the list from participants. If you have a task you’d like to share and see on the list contact us at getinvolved@coalitionwild.org.

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