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Our world urgently needs next generation leaders that are prepared to tackle conservation challenges in their communities and abroad. CoalitionWILD ignites collaboration resulting in collective impact. We bring together the time, skills and resources of a network of thousands of individuals, multiple organizations and companies all geared to support these young change makers projects around the world.

This collaborative impact empowers this next generation to step into leadership opportunities in order to ensure a wilder world and sustainable legacy.

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Crista Valentino

United States

Lincoln Meyer

South Africa

Jordi Van Oort


Maria Feduchi


Tomasz Wiercioch


Rahul Kumar


Michael Grover

South Africa

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CoalitionWILD Ambassadors are core members of our team, and brings the CoalitionWILD vision where we haven't yet. These ambitious, passionate, savvy leaders are playing an active role in inspiring hope and optimism for the future of our planet, and are raising the voices of fellow project leaders who are making a difference in their communities. Apply to become an Ambassador!

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